Cllr Brendan O'Sullivan



I have lived in Hampton since 2008 and I have been on the Parish Council since 2013. 

I am lucky to work with fellow community focused Parish Councillors with whom I have healthy debate and who are equally aiming for Hampton to remain as a great place to live and work.

My main area of focus has been in the establishing and continual development of the Hampton Memorial Garden with great support from the Parish Council, Tesco and Dobbies. I invite all residents to feel duly empowered to use the Memorial Garden as their focal point and to feel welcome to weed or water the Garden if it ever requires some TLC.

My aim is for the Hampton Youth to be provided with superb Primary & Secondary Schools which attract the same funding and benefits that other Cambridgeshire schools obtain. Also, for the green areas of Hampton to be maintained and fully accessible for the benefit of all which will require a continuous focus by every resident to ensure that their: parking, maintenance of their property and immediate surroundings; has a positive impact on their local area and their neighbours.


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