Cllr Charles (Chas) Ryan



Aiming for good health, positive lifestyle and general well-being made

easily accessible by your local community, is the key ingredient to a

cohesive and thriving community.


My passion for sport and creating opportunities to be active, has been

driven by my long career in the Royal Airforce.

After my RAF career, I was an NHS Commissioner with The Primary Care

Trust, covering Long- term medical conditions and more recent roles

include Public Health and NHS Strategic management, specialising in the

promotion of health and wellbeing for various councils and NHS

organisations in London.


As a UEFA B FA Coach, I was initially part of the team that created the

Hampton FC in 2003 and this subsequently led to our twelve teams in 2010,

achieving FA Charter Community status.

During the last 10 years, I have coached many Junior, Youth and Adult

teams ( Male & Female ), enjoying some successes at local and County



In 2004, I became involved with the multi-sports charity, Hampton

Community Sports Association, which was on lease from the City Council. I

managed the outdoor facilities and in 2005, I became its Chairman.

I continued to develop all opportunities for residents to play sports and

worked to improve facilities whilst keeping costs affordable to all

residents. Five years on, I have a dedicated group of volunteers who have

established numerous clubs and activities which include Football, Netball

and Running as well as hosting tournaments and social events on a regular



The facility is FREE for Disabled groups and at a very low hire cost for

organisations such as Slimming World. The HCSA has received sports awards from Living Sport and Civic Awards from Peterborough City Council. We have run Soccer schools' development programmes with Manchester and Peterborough United Football Clubs. Plans are currently in place to have new 3G Astro with a re-branding to expand sports and their appeal to our growing community. (Look out for the

relaunch early this year).


Having had a break of 4 years as a Parish Councillor with Hampton Parish

Council, I have recently returned and am looking forward to promoting our

affordable community facilities and open spaces. I firmly believe that facilities in Hampton have great positive impact on our health, mobility and deter any potential involvement in anti-social activities.


We should be proud of what we have here in Hampton and I am keen to work

with Parish Council colleagues on all areas which maintain and promote

local facilities, fostering excellent health and welfare opportunities for



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