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My name is Marion Sharp and I am the currently serving Chairwoman of Hampton Parish Council.

Whilst walking our two dogs around Hampton ( a good way to meet other dog- owner residents), I enjoy admiring  the many well-kept front gardens, as well as taking note of  litter needlessly dropped ( often a stone’s throw from a bin! ). I hope we can continue appeal to ALL dog owners to pick up their dogs’ mess and pop in the abundance of bins we have in this area!

Having taught for many years, I like to visit all our Primary schools and see this as a way forward to foster greater responsibility, good citizenship, respect and care for our local environment.

We should feel proud to be living in Hampton. How many UK residents can boast of wide open spaces, football pitches, lakes, excellent shops and the short commute into a city centre? The Parish Council constantly strives to improve the more congested areas of Hampton and communicates regularly with the City Council, including our Ward Councillors, to implement improved measures.

We are a hardworking and committed elected team, whose aim is to make Hampton a wonderful area of the city. I am pleased to inform you that we are constantly thinking of new initiatives to benefit all residents. The Skate Park is complete with teething problems finally resolved.


Should you have a query or problem, though, then please attend the 15-minute Public Forums at Parish Council Meetings (held in the Tesco Meeting room at Serpentine Green on the first Thursday of every month at 7p.m)

You can also contact our Parish clerk re issues or look at our new website for information as to which city Council department you may need to contact, depending on the problem.


Contacting the Parish Council directly enables us to be aware of issues and deal with them swiftly rather than complaints being lost via other media channels.

The agendas and minutes of meetings are posted on our website too.

We have not increased the Precept this year and hope that we can maintain our 2 Lengthsmen and grants to local groups as usual. Having looked at other precepts in and around Peterborough, Hampton’s precept figure is considerably low.

I look forward to seeing you at this year’s AGM. Please look in April’s Hampton Gazette and our website for details.


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